Prague IoT Centre: IoT & SmartCity incubator

Program goals

From idea, FUNCTIONAL prototype to INTERNATIONAL product in 6 – 9 months. The main goal is to introduce B2B IoT products to innovative corporate customers and public institutions. Wanted products should combine hardware and software and have international potential.
We have potential customers line-up ready to deploy your IoT working prototypes!

Main partners

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APPLICATION FORM to be completed in English.
Program benefits
  • Mentoring from experts – T-Mobile, SimpleCell, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • 2 – 3 winning projects will receive exclusive support from T-Mobile
  • SimpleCell will spread your product among SIGFOX network operators worldwide
  • Microsoft Azure credits up to USD 25 000 for your cloud deployment
  • Pilot project initiated by Operator ICT, exclusive smart city operator for Prague
  • Complete innovation consulting from EY (project plan, market research, financial engineering)
  • Conrad, BigClown and Prusa Research – equipment for IoT lab
  • Access to IoT lab in Prague Startup Centre (including 3D printers) and SIGFOX HW
  • Real pilot customers in the Czech Republic
  • Presentation to investors from the CR and abroad
  • Practical seminars, workshops, technical training and networking
Eligibility criteria
  • Early stage project focused on IoT facilities for B2B
  • Active technical knowledge in the team – teams must be capable of technical development
  • Technical feasibility of proof-of-concept in 3 months lead time

Participation in the program is free of charge with no equity claim in your start-up.

Project scope of potential pilot projects

We have potential customers line-up ready to deploy your IoT working prototypes!

  • Electromobility
  • Smart City (graffiti detection, measurement of air quality, noise measurement, smart garbage etc.).
  • Clever right (application for drivers, transport optimization, availability of parking places, measuring the passage of cars, traffic signs monitoring solutions in MHD)
  • Smart solution for stopping the water supply in homes, monitoring conditions in boiler
  • Availability bird boxes / monitoring mousetrap / aquarium
  • Monitoring of mail
  • Monitoring of utilization of machines, their maintenance
  • Monitoring and measurement of bridge structures
  • Measurements of soil acidity
  • Inexpensive weather station for measuring wind, temperature and illumination intensity
  • Monitoring driver behavior (insurance)
  • Healthcare (patient monitoring)
  • Face recognition (security Underground)
  • In-door tracking
  • Blockchain and smart contracts
  • V2X (car to car, car to smart homes.)
  • Smart homes and smart buildings
  • Improving customer experience and engagement
  • Wifi / internet in public funding
Time frame
  • Registration – continuously during the program – the earlier you enrol, the higher chances you have!
  • Selection of startups (5-10) – April 2017
  • Start – May 2017

IOT program will last max 9 months in Prague Startup Centre (Palace Adria). 

APPLICATION FORM to be completed in English.