Locaid.me placed 2nd in the Vodafone-Nápad roku competition.

Locaid.me, a startup based in Prague Startup Centre, is placed second out of 171 projects in the Vodafone-Nápad roku competition.

Locaid.me is a combination of a mobile app and simple devices that detect and map crisis situations, such as fires or shootings, in real-time that are occurring in private and public buildings. Users (employees and visitors) are then immediately alerted via the mobile application and get navigated to points of interest – first aid kits, exits or  fire extinguishers. In addition. based on the location of the user, an escape route for the user is generated in such a way that avoids all danger zones. Thus the service significantly boosts safety while reducing the cost of insurance.

For more information about the competition, click here.

Congratulations to Locaid.me and we wish you further success!