Prague Startup Centre Incubator announces its first hundred-million company and other investments

Prague Startup Centre, the new incubator of the capital city of Prague, brings first million-investments into its incubated startups BattSwap and Výhrostroj after only a month from its launch.

Approximately a month ago, a new incubator of the capital city of Prague, Prague Startup Centre opened its doors under the management of Czech ICT Alliance. One of its key activities to support entrepreneurship is its own incubation program which is helping eight startups to kick-start their businesses. It offers not only mentoring and advices to beginner entrepreneurs, but it also helps them in negotiations with investors and potential partners.

The first great success is the investment into the startup company BattSwap which provides the world’s quickest solution for battery swapping in electric vehicles. Investors evaluated it by investing a hundred million CZK in it. “We will use the investment to optimize our technology and to get more customers primarily in the US. It’s great that BattSwap is trusted by investors in the Czech Republic,” commented on the investment Radek Janků, CEO of BattSwap. Prague Startup Centre played the role of an advisor that had prepared the investment documentation in a way that is fair and balanced for both sides.

The second success of the incubator is the investment into a startup company called Výhrostroj which is a new tool of online brand marketing. Great interest and competitiveness of the Czech internet population brings tens of thousands of potential customers to their partners’ websites-companies like Festina, Restaurace u Modré Kachničky and about a hundred more. Výhrostroj’s investment evaluated it at 15 million CZK. “It is fantastic that we were able to get the attention and trust of investors and partners alike, who work with us repeatedly. During our short time of existence, we have confirmed that the Czechs are very competitive. We will use this investment to grow our team and mainly to do marketing.”

“The incubation program of Prague Startup Centre is opened to potential applicants all year round. You can simply fill out the registration at even if your project is only in the idea stage,” Michal Zálešák, the founder of the incubator, comments on more opportunities for startups in Prague. “It’s great to see specific successes, which have come only a month after the launch of the incubator. The thought that Prague will support the startup scene was evidently correct and I believe that projects like BattSwap and Výhrostroj are just the beginning. The Adria palace is now full of creative people with great ideas and I’m very happy about that,” adds to the operations of Prague Startup Centre Adriana Krnáčová, the mayor of Prague.